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Welcome to your library!

Located on the upper floor of the school, you will find over 14,000 resources at your disposal. Resources are both print and electronic, for courses and for pleasure reading.

Print sources include an excellent collection of magazines, daily newspapers, fiction (story) and non-fiction (research) books, graphic novels, and children's literature (picture books). The best way to see what we have is to use our Destiny Catalogue. Please click the "Destiny" link above.

Electronic resources include many databases which range in content. We have databases containing research articles, magazines/newspapers, eBooks, and other topics like teen health. Please click the "Databases" link above.

The "Resources" link contains information on our audio visual resources, eBook access information, online newspapers and magazines that the NPC Library has purchased, as well as links that may help you with homework (i.e. citation help, etc.).

If you want to know more about us here at the library, click the "About" link above. That page will contain info on our hours, policies, and staff.